Yemen , Ministry Of Foreign Affairs: The Arab Coalition , Determined To Withdraw From Stockholm Agreement


The Arab coalition   are determined to withdraw from the Stockholm Agreement, in light of the neglect of the UN envoy Martin Griffiths, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said, stressing that the coalition continues to detain vessels and prevent their entry to the port of Hodeidah.

“This criminal act is not surprising for a coalition that has practiced brutal aggression and an unjust blockade on the Yemeni people since March 26, 2015,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The detention of the vessels is inconsistent with the ethics of war. It represents a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and the Stockholm Agreement, which explicitly provided for the unimpeded entry of ships and goods to the port of Hodeidah. It also contradicts the Security Council resolutions in support of the Stockholm Agreement, which stipulated not to impede the entry of fuel ships,” the statement added.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that the lies issued by the pro-aggression government are no longer fooling anyone, as they are empty fabrications. This is a matter of underestimating the suffering of the people and the minds of people, it added.

The statement indicated that the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen had called for a joint meeting to discuss the mechanism of controlling revenues and covering the deficit in a manner that guarantees the disbursement of salaries at the level of the Republic. The meeting was attended by representatives of the National Salvation Government, while the representatives of the other party did not attend.

It considered the aggression side’s absence from the meeting to be clear intransigence, and the mercenaries ’insistence to withdraw from the Stockholm Agreement.

“The UN envoy did not clarify in his statement issued on Sunday the party that was the reason for the obstruction and failure of this meeting,” the statement added.

It stressed that the United Nations should have a clear position on the crime of seizing ships and an explicit call for respect of the Stockholm Agreement.

The Foreign Ministry said, “The UN’s positions have encouraged the aggression party to continue to underestimate this agreement, to the point of demanding new proposals that legitimize and accommodate the retreats of the pro-aggression government, its violations and its irresponsible stances.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on humanitarian organizations and all free individuals to condemn the detention of the vessels and raise their voices regarding the determination shown by the coalition of aggression to continue to detain fuel ships and multiply the suffering of the Yemeni people.