A Saudi Airstrike and Ground Shelling Kills Two Civilians and Injures Three



Today, Friday, five civilians were killed and wounded, as a result of an airstrike that was conducted by the warplanes of the US-backed Saudi aggression, in addition to missile shelling in the governorates of Marib and Saada.

A citizen was killed and his father got seriously injured after an airstrike by Saudi warplanes targeted their car in the Rahba district, Marib governorate, a source reported to YemenExtra.

In the northern Yemeni province of Saada, Saudi shelling took over in Shada directorate, which led to the death of one citizen and the injury of two others.

It is noteworthy that the air force of the Saudi-led aggression targeted last Tuesday with an airstrike, a truck loaded with foodstuffs in the (Naqeel-Al-Farasis) in the Mahliya district within Marib province, which resulted in killing and injuring many.