YPC: OCHA Latest Report Did Not Mention Real Amount of Released Oil



The Executive Director of the Yemeni Oil Company, Eng. Ammar Al-Adrai, said that the total released quantities of diesel and gasoline during the past three months amounted to 139 thousand tons, which does not even pass 15% of the actual needs during regular times.

Al-Adrai explained to “Saba” Yemen’s news agency that the released quantity is not one-third, as was stated in the OCHA report since the rest of the released tankers belong to the private sector factories.

“The percentage of released quantities of petrol and diesel within the past 110 days since late May, compared to the actual need is %11 percent of diesel and %20 percent of gasoline,” he said.

He pointed out that the Saudi aggression (coalition) is still holding 19 oil tankers, including two ships loaded with diesel and two ships carrying natural gas.

Moreover, he indicated that 15 oil ships with a total tonnage of 409 thousand and 55 tons of gasoline and diesel were detained for varying periods, the maximum of which for the currently detained ships was more than five months, exceeding the period of any other previous arbitrary detention done before by the Saudi aggression.