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YMU Condemns Saudi Blockade of Fuel Tankers Going to Yemen

YemenExtra The Yemeni Media Union today, condemned the Saudi aggression's detention of oil tankers, the tightening of the blockade, and the worsening of economic conditions. The Union pointed out in a statement that these arbitrary…

Yemen: Saudi-Aggression Blocking Desperately Needed Fuel

The Saudi-led coalition of aggression has resulted in the collapse of the health sector system in Yemen and the spread of the Coronavirus. However, it seems like it was not enough for them, so they continued their crimes by seizing the…

YPC:Saudi Aggression Continues to Detain 15 Oil Tankers

YemenExtra The Yemeni Petroleum Company confirmed last Friday that the coalition of aggression is still detaining 15 oil ships. The company explained that the detained oil ships are loaded with (419,789) tons of petroleum materials,…