Sep. 18: An Update of the Saudi Crimes, Violations in Yemen



The US-backed Saudi-led aggression continues to target a number of Yemeni provinces with airstrikes and ground shelling, which has resulted in casualties and damage to property. In addition, it also continues to violate the ceasefire agreement regarding Hodeidah.

The Saudi aggressive crimes and violations in Yemen on September 18, 2020:

In Saada province, a citizen was wounded by Saudi border guards shooting in the Al-Raqo area, Munebah district. Additionally, Saudi jets carried out two airstrikes in the al-Zahir district and the al-Fer area in the Kitaf district, and a raid on the Mjazah in Asir region.

In Marib, the US-backed Saudi-led air forces launched 10 raids on Rahba district and 7 raids on the districts of Medghal, Majzar and Sarwah.

As for Al-Jawf, the Saudi military aircraft launched two raids against Al-Muhashimah, in the “Khub Wa Al-Sha`af” district.

In Sana’a governorate, two airstrikes were conducted in the Al-Aroush area, Khawlan district.

The aggression warplanes launched a raid on the Al-Mazrak area in the Haradh district within Hajjah governorate.

Moreover, in Hodeidah coastal province, a source from the Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room announced that the aggression forces committed 106 violations in Hodeidah within the past 24 hours, explaining that the violations included the creation of combat fortifications in Al-Jah and the hovering of four spy military drones in the airspace of Al-Durayhimi and Al-Faza, in addition to 21 violations conducted with artillery bombing and 28 violations using diverse weapons.