Sep. 28: An Update of the Saudi Crimes, Violations in Yemen



Yesterday on Tuesday, the US-backed Saudi-led aggression (coalition) against Yemen continued its airstrikes and bombings in several regions. While in Hodeidah, the Saudi-UAE aggressive forces continued to violate the Sweden Agreement.

In Marib governorate, the warplanes of the Saudi aggression launched 7 raids on the Serwah district, 3 raids on the Rahba district, and two raids on the Mahliya district.

In Sana’a governorate, the aggressive coalition fighters carried out two raids on the Naqeel Al-Watada wedge in Khawlan Al-Tayyal district.

As for the province of Saada, the warplanes of the Saudi aggression launched a raid on the Baqim district.

In Asir, two raids targeted Al Rabu’a and a raid on Al Shabaka in Najran.

In Hodeidah coastal province, a source from the Liaison and Coordinations Officers’ Operations Room announced the recording of 263 violations committed by the mercenary forces of the Saudi-UAE coalition of aggression. The violations conducted were: the creation of combat fortifications in Al-Jabaliya and al-Durayhimi, and the flight of warplanes and espionage drones in the airspace of Kilo 16, Al-Madina, Al-Mundhar, Al-Tuhita, Al-Faza, Al-Jabaliya.

Moreover, the source pointed out that the forces of the Saudi aggression targeted the city of Al-Durayhimi with nine aerial raids launched from a combat UAV, and it also committed 56 violations by launching more than 600 rockets and missiles and 186 violations by diverse weapons.