Human Rights in Taiz Condemns Mercenaries Bombardment on Populated Regions



The Human Rights Office in Taiz governorate condemned the Saudi-led aggressive coalition and its mercenaries for targeting neighborhoods and populated areas with rockets last Wednesday morning, which led to the death of two citizens, wounding two others, and property damage.

According to the “Saba” Yemen’s news agency, the office explained that the aggression and mercenaries’ targeting of residential neighborhoods in the village of Qureidh Tabaysha, Islah al-Wafi in Jabal Habashi district, with rockets, led to the death of Hasniyeh Sultan Ghaleb Muthanna and Shehab Hassan Muhammad Abdullah, in addition to the wounding of Sultan Ali Saeed and Ibtisam Abdul Jalil, as well as damaging citizens’ properties and killing livestock.

The statement considered this targeting a violation of international and humanitarian norms, charters, and laws, and a war crime that exposes the perpetrators to criminal accountability as war criminals.

The Human Rights Office in Taiz called on international and local organizations to bear their human responsibility, monitor violations and crimes of the Saudi aggressive coalition and its mercenaries, and put pressure on them to stop these crimes and avoid targeting populated areas, especially as this was not their first time to do so.