Saudi Escalation Against Al-Durayhimi City Is Raging the People of Hodeidah



The people within the district of Beit Al-Faqih, in Hodeidah province, organized a massive protest, on Monday morning, to condemn the escalation of the Saudi-UAE aggressive coalition on the besieged Al-Durayhimi district for more than two years.

At the stand, the governorate’s first undersecretary, Ahmed Mahdi al-Bishri, praised the role of the people in the district for their confrontation of the Saudi aggression, stressing the importance of continuing mobilization of men to the fronts and support them with all their needs.

While the Director of the district, Hussein Sahl Zain, condemned the dangerous escalation and crimes committed by the forces of the Saudi aggressive coalition and their mercenaries against civilians in the cities of Al-Hodeidah and Al-Durayhimi, which has resulted in killing and wounding dozens of civilians, most of them were women and children.

Zain held the United Nations responsible for the continuation of the crimes by the Saudi-UAE coalition aggression, due to its silence and condoning the crimes committed by the aggressive coalition against the people of Al-Durayhimi.

The participants in the protest, which was attended by a number of officials in the local authority, the supervisory office, sheiks, dignitaries and social figures in the district, stressed the continuation of steadfastness and the provision of the front lines with money and recruited men to stop this escalation and achieve victor.

They considered this escalation to be a flagrant violation of the Stockholm Agreement regarding Yemen’s Hodeidah.

They condemned the continuous military escalation, the bombing, and siege imposed on the city of Al-Durayhimi, in addition to the targeting of citizens’ farms, demolishing homes, killing, wounding, and displacing citizens and children.

A statement issued by the protestors confirmed that the targeting of the aggressive countries, participating in the Saudi coalition, on the Al-Durayhimi is a flagrant violation of the Stockholm Agreement and a genocide crime for those who have been besieged for two years with the acknowledge of the United Nations and international organizations operating in Hodeidah.

The statement pointed out that the aggression forces and their militias deliberately targeted the city of Hodeidah during the past two days, which led to the deaths and injuries of many civilians, especially women and children, neglecting the human conscience and the laws of war.

The statement called on the international community and the United Nations to cease the siege of the people of Al-Durayhimi, in particular, and the people of Hodeidah in general.