A Tragic Reality of Motherhood and Childhood in Yemen as the Siege and Aggression Continues: Entesaf Org



A report released by Entesaf Organization for Women and Child Rights revealed the tragic reality that mothers and children in Yemen have lived through during the years of the US-backed Saudi-led aggressive coalition and its blockade against the whole country.

In its report, Entesaf organization said that the total number of direct victims from the Saudi aggression from women and children, who were documented until the ninth of October of this year, reached 13,074 children and women.

It also stated that the total number of victims resulted by the Saudi aggression, for its direct bombardment, amounted to 5,183 killed and wounded women, while the total number of victims of the Saudi-led airstrikes against children reached 7,891 killed and wounded.

The organization noted that hundreds of health facilities specialized with motherhood and childhood services are threatened with closure as a result of the US-backed Saudi-led coalition of aggression prevention of the entry of oil derivatives through the port of Hodeidah.

Moreover, it threatened that a major humanitarian catastrophe that will impact women and children the most is approaching as the aggressive coalition tightens its suffocating siege on the Yemeni people and preventing the entry of oil derivatives.

Regarding the education field, Entesaf organization indicated that the aggressive Saudi coalition has affected nearly two million male and female students by targeting educational facilities, both directly and indirectly.

The Ministry of Education called on strengthening the educational role in public and private schools on how to deal with airstrikes being launched by the Saudi fighters, in addition to similar criminal events.

The competent authorities called for the psychological support for the affected women and children. Additionally, it also urged for the formation of an independent and efficient fact-finding committee to investigate the crimes committed by the Saudi-led aggressive coalition and bring the perpetrators to justice.