Oct.11: An Update of the Saudi Crimes, Violations in Yemen



In Saada, the Saudi-led aggressive coalition launched 3 raids on Sahar area, Bani Muadh district, and a raid on the Malahit area.

In Marib, the fighters of the Saudi aggression carried out 6 raids on the districts of Al-Abdiyah, Rahba, and Mahliya, and 4 raids on the district of Medghal.

In Al-Jawf, it conducted 4 raids on the Khub Wa Sha’af district.

In Hajjah, a number of two Saudi airstrikes targeted the Haradh area.

In Hodeidah, west coast of Yemen, the forces of the Saudi-led coalition continued to violate the ceasefire agreement. During the past 24 hours, it had 117 violations, including the hovering of 16 warplanes over forbidden air space in Hodeidah, as it was agreed by the rivals in the Stockholm agreement regarding Hodeidah. agreement. Moreover, it launched dozens of artillery shells and used diverse weapons.