(149 )Violations In Hodeidah , (10 )Air Raids Hit Al-Jawf , Sadaa And Najran


Yesterday, A security source told ,The Arab coalition fighter jets continued launching airstrikes on various Yemeni provinces and committing more violations in Hodeidah
In al-Jawf, The Arab coalition warplanes waged eight raids on Khub Washaaf district and another strike hit al-Labnat area of the al-Hazm district, while an air raid attacked al-Boqaa area of Najran border province.

Another Hand ,The Arab coalition committed 149 violations of the ceasefire and Sweden’s agreements in Hodeidah province, including establishing new combat fortifications in Jabalia area, a source in the Correlation and Coordination Operations Room reported.

Also, coalition also committed 34 violations by an artillery bombing and 109 breaches by shooting in separate areas using various machine guns in Hodeidah .

The breaches included the flying of a fighter jet over Jabalia area, while 14 spy drones flew over Jabalia, Faza areas, and over Hays and Tuhayta districts.

As well as two citizens were injured missile and artillery shelling which hit the Al-Raqo area of Munabbah district, Saada governorate.