Unknown Gunmen Kill a Civilian in Yemen’s Occupied Province Aden



Today, Friday, a citizen was killed by unknown gunmen in the Sheikh Othman region in the occupied city of Aden, south of Yemen.

Media sources affiliated with the Saudi aggression stated that gunmen driving a Toyota Corolla vehicle had shot a young man, Nasser Al-Bani, a civilian in his thirties who is originally from Shabwa governorate. The source also added that he was killed immediately after he was shot in front of his children, and the murderers fled away.

A new statistic released by the Media Center for the Southern Governorates revealed, last Tuesday, that the rate of organized crimes in the occupied southern governorates during the period from September 11 until Monday evening October 19, 2020, has reached high levels.

The statistic recorded 162 crimes against citizens, including 30 assassinations, and 9 assassination attempts against some leaders of the conflicting parties, represented by the Transitional Council, who are loyal to the Emirates and get most of their support from them; in addition to leaders of the Islah Party.