Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Law, Human Rights and Expatriates celebrate the birth of the Prophet



The Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Legal Affairs, Human Rights, and Expatriate Affairs organized an event today to commemorate the birth of the Prophet.

Foreign Minister of Eng. Hisham Sharaf Abdullah indicated that the celebration of the birth of the last prophet is of great importance as it represents a natural extension of the people of Yemen’s support for the final messenger, teacher, example, and the good example, Muhammad, may God bless him and his family and grant them peace.

He explained that the celebration of this great religious occasion comes to provide the meanings of loyalty and devotion to the Messenger of God and the true Islamic religion, which makes the Yemeni people the first in the forefront of the supporters of Islam and adherence to the purified Sunnah.

While the Minister of Legal Affairs Dr. Ismail Al-Mahaqri spoke about the importance of celebrating this great religious occasion, which embodies the strong relationship of Yemeni people with the noble Messenger, embodying the Yemeni faith identity that God and His Messenger wanted for Yemenis.

He said, “The birth of the Messenger and his celebration is not as some claim and fancy. God Almighty said:” Say with the grace and mercy of God, so let them rejoice. It is good as they gather. “The event included poetic and recital poems expressing the greatness and importance of the occasion.

The event was attended by the Advisor to the Supreme Political Council, Ambassador Abdul-Ilah Hajar, Deputy Minister of Expatriate Affairs Zayed Al-Riyami, agents, leaderships and employees of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Legal Affairs, Expatriate Affairs, and Human Rights