Ansarullah Political Bureau mourns Minister of Youth & Sports



The Political Bureau of Ansaruallah mourned on Tuesday the Minister of Youth and Sports Hassan Zaid, who was martyred this morning at the hands of criminal elements of the Saudi-American aggression forces.

Ansarullah’s Political Bureau said, in a statement, “This heinous assassination crime came at a time when our Yemeni people are mobilizing their forces to commemorate the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday.”

The statement indicated that this crime comes within the continued aggression and criminality of the Saudi-led coalition countries.

Minister of Youth and Sports Hassan Zaid was assassinated by criminal elements, who opened fire at him this morning in Hadda area in the capital Sana’a while driving his car accompanied by his daughter in Hadda area, which led to his death after his arrival at the hospital, while his daughter was severely wounded.

The Political Bureau indicated that the aggression countries had declared Hassan Zeid among the wanted list, according to their claim, and had set a reward for those who gave them information and helped them in the implementation of their treacherous crime.

The statement stressed that “the destabilization of security and stability in the capital Sana’a, which the aggression forces are seeking will not be achieved.”