Revolution leader confirms continuation repelling aggression as religious, humanitarian, national duty



Revolution leader, Sayyed Abdulmalek al-Houthi has considered French President Macron a puppet of Zionists, who pushed him to offend Islam and the messenger.

The statement was made during a celebration of the anniversary of Prophet Mohammed’s birth on Thursday in the capital Sana’a which witnessed an unprecedented mass in the history of Yemen.

“Normalization with Israel is treason and participating with enemies to target the nation in all fields,” he said.

He stressed that the Saudi regime has opened the atmosphere of the land of the Two Holy Mosques to the Jews and besieges the Yemeni people and attacks them.

Sayyed Abdulmalek explained that the Saudi regime imprisons the free Palestinian people only for their right attitude against the Israeli enemy, the Saudi, Emirati, Al Khalifa, and Sudan regimes are partners for America and Israel in their plots.