Revolution Leader speech’s principles on the occasion of Prophet’s birthday: Report



Revolution leader’s speech on the occasion of the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday carried a number of important principles regarding the current challenges facing the Islamic nation at the national, regional, and international levels.

Abdulmalik al-Houthi’s speech included the revival of the prophet anniversary as a starting point for consolidating the principles and the identity of faith to continue the civilized renaissance and to consolidate loyalty to the Messenger of Allah.

In his speech, al-Houthi stressed the importance of these principles as priorities at the educational and awareness levels in the face of the dangerous attack known as the “Soft War”  that targeting children and youth of the Islamic nation intellectually, culturally, and morally.

Confronting Aggression:

In his speech to the unprecedented mass crowd on the occasion of the birth anniversary of the Prophet last Thursday, the Revolution Leader reiterated the continuation of steadfastness to confront the US-Saudi- Emirati aggression on Yemen until victory and full independence for the Yemeni people are achieved as a legitimate right.

Al-Houthi called on all free people of Yemen to continue to supply the fronts with money, men, and equipment in order to take care of everything that would contribute to support the interior front.

Growing Interest In Agriculture

Given the importance of the agricultural sector in achieving self-sufficiency and economic independence in parallel with achieving political and sovereign independence,  the Revolution leader directed attention to agriculture as the backbone of food security and the national economy.

He stressed the importance of strengthening cooperation between official and popular bodies to enhance steadfastness and economic cohesion and to promote the values of social solidarity and concern for the poor.

Awareness Front:

The Revolution Leader also confirmed the need to pay attention to the awareness aspect as one of the most important fronts to confront misleading media campaigns launched by the enemies aiming at destabilizing security and stability and obliterate the faith and cultural identity of the Yemeni people.

Al-Houthi called on participants in the awareness front of scholars, intellectuals, preachers, and teachers to activate efforts to face disinformation media endeavors and to continue maintaining awareness-raising, mobilization, and educational activities.

He also affirmed the standing with free people in the resistance axis to counter the American and Israeli threat, adhering to the principle of Islamic brotherhood and rejecting efforts to differentiate among Muslims.

Revolution Leader al-Houthi also emphasized standing side by side with free people in the resistance axis to counter the American and Israeli threat, adhering to the principles of Islamic brotherhood and rejecting efforts to differentiate among Muslims.

In his speech, al-Houthi rejected efforts to inciting hatred under sectarian, ethnic, and regional titles, rejecting again all forms of normalization with the Zionist entity.

Central Issue:

The Palestinian issue constituted a prominent axis in the speech of the Revolution Leader on the occasion of the great Prophet’s anniversary.

The leader reaffirmed the steadiness of Yemen’s principled and religious position in supporting the Palestinian people in their just Issue and their right to freedom and independence as well as restoring all holy sites, headed by al-Aqsa al-Sharif and al-Quds, the capital of Palestine.

The Revolution leader stressed the importance of liberating all the territories of Palestine and the rest of the occupied Arab lands and expelling the usurping Israeli enemy which poses a threat to the Islamic nation and its stability at the regional and international levels.

” We affirm our steadfastness on our position against the American tyranny and its hostile colonial policies against our nation,” said al-Houthi regarding the American colonial policies.