The Arrest of Perpetrators for Possessing and Promoting the Banned Currency in Several Regions



The Wahda Police Station in the Yemeni Capital arrested a 33 years old man accused of promoting illegal currency, which was printed by the Saudi-UAE aggression with the aim of harming the national economy.

The police station reported finding in his possession 267,000 riyals of illegal currency.

The Police in Ibb governorate arrested a criminal for trying to bypass, with his car, one of the security points, as he was possessing 250 thousand riyals of the illegal currency that is prohibited to be used.

Meanwhile, Ibb Police seized another person, 25 years old, who was carrying 112 thousand and 900 riyals of illegal currency.

In addition, the emergency forces branch in Al-Mansouriya district in Hodeidah governorate, captured two men having 100,000 riyals of the prohibited currency.

The defendants were referred for legal procedures.