The Coordination of the Humanitarian Organizations Activities: Interview



The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, Abdul Mohsen Tawoos, clarified the process that takes place when dealing with UN organizations that are operating from Yemen.

Tawoos said during an interview with the Arabic channel, Al-Masirah, that in the past, organizations were implementing projects randomly without coordination with the Council, and there was no mechanism for coordinating with UN organizations, which caused chaos in work activities.

“There was a state of waste and tampering with funds, and we are talking about huge funds that were disbursed to international organizations, but we did not see any results we can relate to,” Tawoos said.

He pointed out that some internal bodies neglected the scandals of the UN organizations, and that the donated funds were going to corrupt people instead of the citizens who are in need.

Moreover, he noted that a shipment arrived 3 days ago at the port of Hodeidah, carrying expired cooking oil.

He pointed out that some organizations used to import damaged seeds and some of them lead to soil damage. The council, however, gave a decision to not import any seeds coming from abroad, and organizations must buy them from the local market.

In addition, he added that the Council requested from the Ministry of Agriculture to provide a clear mechanism to provide seeds to all organizations, and the Ministry responded.

Tawoos called on international organizations to adhere to the mechanism.