Yemeni Shura Council concerns UAE colonial plans in Socotra



Speaker of the Shura Council, Mohammed Hussain Al-Aidarous, on Saturday warned against the UAE’s colonial practices on the Yemeni island of Socotra.

This came during the regular meeting of the Shura Council’s main committee, which reviewed the letter of President of the Supreme Political Council regarding the call for the Parliament and the Shura Council to hold a joint session to discuss the situations in the occupied southern provinces, especially the developments in Socotra and Mahrah provinces.

At the meeting, Al-Aidarous indicated that “the Saudi-Emirati occupation implements a dangerous colonial agenda that requires all national forces to unify positions and efforts to expel the new invaders.”

He referred to the previous report of the Council’s political committee, which warned at the time against the occupation’s passing of a project to tear apart the southern and eastern provinces through mercenaries and tools of Saudi-led aggression coalition within the framework of the implementation of projects of the powers of influence and global hegemony.

In this regard, The Shura Council’s Speaker warned against the UAE’s attempts to naturalize the people of Socotra and bring about demographic changes by bringing and settling others on the island from outside and establishing Israeli-Emirati military bases there.