Crimes against humanity are committing in Yemen



Crimes against humanity are being committed against the Yemeni people, and the United Nations and the international community are watching and watching. 

Yemen is entering a critical phase, the most dangerous humanitarian disaster in the world due to the seizure of oil derivative ships.

Detention of oil derivative ships is a crime against humanity stipulated in international law, crimes against humanity and total killing of life.

Meanwhile, the siege of Sana’a International Airport, and the prevention and denial of half a million patients from traveling for treatment abroad, caused the death of 80 thousand patients.

Yemen’s grievances are the largest in human history.  The killing of children and women, the bombing of citizens’ homes and infrastructure, and a comprehensive siege.

All these crimes against humanity did not find a role for the United Nations, the international community or the human rights organization.

Here we say that the United Nations is a partner in killing the sons of Yemen … the United Nations is dead.  When the United Nations talks about humanity, it is fundamentally without humanity.

As human rights organizations are a slogan that is repeated and placed on walls only.

Source: Saba