Hundreds Of Expired-Shipments Containers Belonging To World Food Program


The specialized authorities in Hodeidah port decided to hold over 326 containers containing medicines, nutritional supplements, edible oils, dates biscuits and peas belonging to the World Food Program until they are re-exported to the country of origin, according to al-masirah.

The Director of the Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation authorities in Al- Hodeidah Governorate, Jaber Al-Razhi, explained that after the inspection processes for the containers and their shipments of food and medicine were found to be unfit for human use and expired, it added.

Al-Razhi pointed out that 16 containers included shipments of medicines for chronic diseases, Ampoules of distilled water, vials, tetracycline, ampicillin, erythromacin are expired and imported for the World Health Organization. 300 containers, containing US edible oil, 10 containers of baby food supplements, poorly manufactured date biscuits and peas, are not suitable for human consumption, it stated.

He added despite the warnings of the Supreme Council and the Administration and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to the World Food Program office not to import such materials that violate the specifications and standards, WFP office insisted on importing them and distributing them to the poor and needy people, thinking that they will avoid inspectors of the authorities of the province, it confirmed.