Nov. 12: An Update of the Saudi Crimes, Violations in Yemen



Yesterday on Thursday, the US-backed Saudi-led aggression (coalition) against Yemen continued its airstrikes and bombings in several regions. While in Hodeidah, the Saudi-UAE aggressive forces continued to violate the Sweden Agreement.

In Hodeidah, the Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room recorded 278 violations made by the Saudi-UAE aggressors and their mercenaries. The breaches were the hovering of warplanes over the airspace of Haiss, the flying of a number of 20 spy drones over Al-Jah, Al-Jabaliya, Haiss, and Tuhita. In addition, 91 violations in Hodeidah were carried out with artillery shelling, and 165 violations with diverse weapons.

In Marib, the US-Saudi fighter jets launched 3 raids on Wadi Habab in the Serwah district, 6 raids in Majzar region, and 5 raids in Medghal district.

In Al-Jawf, a number of two Saudi raids targeted the Burt Al-Anan district, and 4 raids were conducted in Al-Dhahra region within the Khub Al-Sha`af district.

Moreover, the aggressors launched three raids on Al-Ajasher near Najran Saudi province.