CBY: competent authorities investigate over TIIB’s corruption



An official source at the Central Bank of Yemen (CBY) in the Capital Sana’a confirmed on Friday that the competent authorities are standing before events that affect the national economy.

The official explained that CBY affirmed that the authorities are investigating the events affecting the national economy practiced by Tadhamn Islamic international bank (TIIB) in Sana’a with the participation of the corrupt of CBY in the occupied province of Aden

The official said that the TIIB exploited the so-called Saudi financial deposit and exercised illicit gains.

He also explained that the TIIB transferred amounts in hard currency from the Saudi deposit without access to the goods allocated in its name, which led to further suffering for citizens in all provinces.

The official indicated that an investigation is currently underway on large-scale speculative operations and the smuggling of funds abroad with the complicity of the corrupt at the CBY in Aden.

He reiterated that the keenness of the CBY on the banking sector and dealing with all components with a high degree of professionalism.