Oxfam: Weapons Exports To Saudi Arabia Five Times Greater Than What Is Declared In Humanitarian Aid To Yemen


Oxfam International issued a statement saying that the value of arms exports from some countries in the group to Saudi Arabia amounted to five times the amount of aid provided to Yemen, which suffers from the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. “As these countries make billions of revenues from weapons exports that fuel the Yemen on war, they only provide a small amount as aid to the country,” the statement explained.

The organization added that the value of arms exports to Saudi Arabia has exceeded $17 billion since the war began, while those countries have given only a third of this amount, for allegedly helping the Yemenis.

In conjunction with Saudi Arabia hosting the G20 summit, Oxfam clarified that the total arms exports by the G20 countries to some members of the so-called Saudi-led coalition amounted to at least $ 31.4 billion between 2015 and 2019, according to the latest available records.

It confirmed that this number is five times more than the amount provided by the G20 member states to help Yemen since the beginning of the war until today, while Saudi Arabia has provided $ 3.8 billion in alleged aid to the country.

However, European countries retreated from arming Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and others, after pressure from their people and some international organizations that stood against the participation of European governments in killing Yemeni civilians.

In the same context, it should be noted that the spokesman for AnsarAlluh and the head of the national negotiating delegation, Muhammad Abd al-Salam, praised and expressed his appreciation for the countries that have taken steps to stop selling weapons to the Saudi regime, that has fought the children of Yemen. He called on other countries to take the same step as the least humane stance in the face of this brutal aggression that It is a threat to security and stability.

For nearly six years, Yemen has been witnessing a devastating war led by Saudi Arabia with American and Western weapons in return for the billions it pays and the killing of innocent people and children they left behind.

After years of killing children, women, and siege, they wash that with little aid in return for the billions it reaps from the shedding of innocent blood, while these countries hold conferences claiming to adopt solutions to secondary global problems, which were never more important than ending wars and confronting the killing of civilians.