President: Saudi Shouldn’t Feel Optimistic As Long As Aggression, Siege Against Yemen Continues



President Mehdi Al-Mashat urged state officials to assume their responsibilities each in his position, noting that there are no excuses.

“We have to take responsibility, and those who find themselves unqualified for this responsibility should admit before it turns into a curse on him,” said President Al-Mashat during his speech Wednesday at the consultative meeting to build capacity and coordination between the leaders of the state agencies.

“If there is a will, intention, and seriousness, it will be possible to reach solutions, production, and innovation,” he added.

President Al-Mashat stressed the need to turn all difficulties into opportunities and challenges into aspirations for what the Yemeni people aspire to.

“The Saudi representative in the Security Council should not be optimistic, his optimism is misplaced as long as the aggression and siege against Yemen continues,” he said. “If the Saudis want to feel optimistic, they must enter the gate of peace through humanitarian cooperation.”

“None of the officials in the countries of aggression should feel reassured or positive until they find peaceful solutions,” he concluded.