Battle with corruption is ongoing: President



 President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi Al-Mashat has said that the battle with corruption is ongoing and is not a political or media war.

In his speech in the consultative meeting for capacity-building and coordination among the State institutions’ leaders, the President said the lack of capabilities could hinder achievements but it is not acceptable to be an excuse to do nothing

“If there is a will and determination, then solutions, production, and innovation can be easily achieved,” he said.

“We have to be responsible and those who see themselves ineligible, they have to say so.”

President al-Mashat said that the country has gone through many problems made by the aggression but ” we have turned them into solutions either at a civil, or economic or military level.”

“The Saudi representative in the Security Council should not be optimistic, … as long as the aggression and siege continue.”

The President, however, made an exception that the aggression countries’ leaders will only feel safe if they seek for peace and peaceful solutions”

Al-Mashat voiced his apology to the employees, who have not received their half salary as he ordered previously. “We could not fulfill this promise because of a lot of difficulties we have faced, including the Corona pandemic and the siege imposed on Hodeida seaport.”

The President urged all the government officials to assume their responsibility for fighting corruption and make achievements.

The initial assessments of the government achievement progress, either as institutions or senior officials, show some worrying indicators, he said, adding that there are some institutions whose performance evaluation is zero.

The President gave the officials of such institutions two months chance to change their evaluation, or “after warning comes punishment,” as he said.