851 children killed, injured in mercenaries’ raids, shelling: HR



 The human rights office in Taiz province confirmed on Sunday that the number of children killed and injured since the beginning of the aggression on Yemen since March 2015 reached 851 children in the aggression airstrikes and mercenaries shelling.

On the occasion of International Children’s Day, 427 children were killed and 424 were injured in the aggression airstrikes and the shelling of mercenaries on residential neighborhoods in the province, the office said in a statement to Saba.

World Children’s Day is celebrated for children’s rights, while the rights of Yemen’s children were being destroyed in the silence of the international community and condoned by the forces of aggression against children in Yemen.

The statement confirmed that the aggression and its mercenaries continue to kill children in Taiz and other provinces in a systematic way, which are the most serious crimes against humanity in accordance with the international humanitarian law.

The statement indicated that the aggression coalition and its mercenaries have bombed schools, causing the children to be endangered, including their studies, the last of which was the bombardment of 22 May school in Salah district, killing one child and injuring others.

The raids and bombings also destroyed 152 schools. It was noted that schools in the territory controlled by mercenaries used them as military headquarters.

The statement mentioned that children were exposed to grave violations by individuals who follow the so-called military and security brigades and mercenaries belonging to the aggression coalition, in addition to recruiting them and taking them into the battles of aggression on Yemen.

The closure of the Taiz International Airport and the control of the Mocha port had compounded the suffering of children, particularly those who had been unable to travel for treatment abroad and the lack of access to medicines and child-related assistance, which had increased the number of children suffering from malnutrition in the province.

The Human Rights Office in Taiz held the United Nations, the international community, and the humanitarian community fully responsible for violations of children’s rights and premeditated murder, calling on concerned international and local organizations to assume humanitarian responsibility and monitor and document these crimes that are considered war crimes.


Source: Saba