Nov. 23: An Update of the Saudi Crimes, Violations in Yemen



Yesterday on Monday, the Saudi-American aggressive coalition on Yemen continued to launch airstrikes and bombing a number of governorates, leaving property destroyed.

In Marib, the warplanes of the aggressors carried out 15 raids on the districts of Majzar and Medghal, and a raid targeted the district of Serwah.

In Al-Jawf, a number of 5 US-Saudi raids were launched on the Al-Marazeeq area in the Khub Al-Sha’af district.

In Saada, north of Yemen, the warplanes launched two raids on Wadi Al Abu Jabara in the Kataf district, and Saudi artillery bombardment was conducted in separate areas of Shada, near the border.

In Hajjah, the aggressive Saudi air force launched a raid on the city of Haradh.