US-Saudi-Zionist meeting is betrayal of Palestinian cause: Yemen Scholars Association



Yemen scientists Association denounced the US-Saudi-Zionist trilateral meeting in Neum City. Considered this a link in Al Saud’s treason series for the Palestinian issue and a clear normalization that reached the degree of a coalition.

In a statement issued on Tuesday by Saba, the League confirmed the need of the Arab and Islamic Nation’s unity in the face of the US- Zionist plans and the work of rescuing the Islamic sanctuaries.

The Association called on the Palestinian Authority to stop security coordination with the Zionist entity.

It also called on the Palestinian people to resort to the option of armed resistance to liberate the Palestinian territory from the violation of the Zionists.

The statement urged the people of the Arab and Islamic peoples to declare holy jihad and activate a boycott against forms of political and economic normalization and reject any presence of Zionist embassies and consulates in Arab and Islamic countries.

The Association congratulated the missile strike on the Aramco facility in Jeddah. It calls for more strikes on sensitive military and economic positions as long as the Yemeni people are subjected to aggression and siege.