Bin Habtoor: US Ambassador Visit to Al-Mahara is a Provocative Step



The National Salvation Government condemned the visit of the US ambassador of the pro-aggression government, Christopher Henzel, to the occupied Al-Mahara governorate, describing it as a provocative step.

The head of the National Salvation Government, Dr. Abdulaziz Bin Habtoor, told Almasirah that the wandering of Henzel in Al-Mahara on the eve of Independence Day provokes every free Yemeni.

“The US step exposes the reality of the Saudi presence in Al-Mahara as a prelude to the arrival of US forces,” he added. “The so-called Saudi-led coalition is nothing but a tool to achieve US-Zionist interests in the first place,”

Bin Habtoor pointed out that the Yemeni people cannot in any way accept this occupation.

“The focus of the occupation projects on the governorates of Hadhramaut and Al-Maharah falls within the context of a Zionist project in the region, which seemed to be evident through the development of the first pillars for establishing an intelligence base in the islands of Socotra and Mayon,” he added.

He explained that the Gulf states are seeking to establish an axis with the Zionist entity in the face of the axis of resistance, and for that they accepted normalization agreements that humiliating them and their peoples. “The battle with the Zionist axis will be a fateful and long-term battle.”