Hodeidah Authority Denounces the International Silence of the Mercenaries’ Crimes



The leadership of the local authority of Hodeidah along with the head and members of the national team in the Joint Coordination Committee, met today, Saturday, with the head of the United Nation Mission to support the Hodeidah Agreement (UNMHA), General (retired) Abhijit Guha.

During the meeting, the Governor of Hodeidah, Mohammed Ayyash Qahim, explained that he was surprised by the silence of the United Nations Mission regarding the crimes committed by the mercenaries affiliated with the American-Saudi aggression, stressing that they even saw today some of the victims of these crimes.

Qahim stressed that the US-Saudi brutal detention of oil derivative tankers has affected the health situation and negatively affected the lives of citizens.

“How do you accept, as the United Nations, for the detention of food and medicine ships, and you have given them the necessary permits?” Qahim addressed the question to the head of (UNMHA)

Moreover, the governor explained that the mercenaries are shelling diverse areas in Hodeidah daily, and some of which are falling onto the heads of civilians in the city that the UN mission is monitoring from the ceasefire agreement. Therefore, the governor asked why they never condemn these crimes or even speak about them to clarify the situation to the world.

For his part, General Abhijit Juha, head of the United Nations mission to support the Hodeidah Agreement, said: The ceasefire must take place and sufficient time should be given to the UN envoy and the UN mission in order to reach a ceasefire and create peace for the Yemenis.

“There is communication with the other party to return to the Sweden agreement and implement their long-overdue obligations,” he added.