The Injury of 9 Civilians, One Deeply, in Saada



Nine civilians were injured, one of them seriously, today, Saturday, by a Saudi bombing that targeted Munabeh district, near the Yemeni-Saudi border, in Saada governorate.

Villages within the Al-Raqo area, in the Munabeh district, were subjected to violent Saudi artillery shelling, which resulted in the injury of 9 citizens, one of them with critical wounds.

On Friday, a citizen was wounded, after Saudi artillery shelled the Al-Raqo area in the Munabeh district.

For more than five years, the areas near the border in Saada governorate have been subjected to daily Saudi bombardment, which has resulted in thousands of civilian casualties, the destruction of entire villages, and the displacement of tens of thousands, in addition to massive losses in the homes, properties, and farms of citizens.