Top officer: Aggression coalition and mercenaries did not abide by Sweden agreement



Head of the national redeployment team in Hodeida Maj. Gen. Ali al-Mushaki said on Friday that the aggression coalition and its mercenaries did not abide by the Sweden agreement in Hodeida province.

During his meeting with the head of the United Nations Mission in support of the Hodeida Agreement (UNMHA) Lt. Gen. Abhijit Guha, al-Mushaki added the aggression and its mercies continue to shell civilians’ houses and their property.

Al-Mushaki presented a comprehensive report on the continued violations of the aggression and mercenaries, including the continuous shelling of the aggression forces’ warplanes and their drones on Hodeida city, al-Durayhimi, Alluheya, Hays and others as well as the aggression’s violations by artillery and Katyusha in Hodeida city.

Al-Mushaki stated these violations daily lead to the killing and injury of children and women and the destruction of citizens’ property.

The head of the redeployment team also briefed the United Nations on the suffocating blockade imposed by the aggression on the port of Hodeida and their prevention of the entry of oil derivatives vessels, food and medicines as well as targeting and abducting fishermen at sea.

Al-Mushaki confirmed the commitment of the national team to cooperate with the United Nations team in implementing the Sweden agreement and its provisions, noting that the first phase of redeployment in the ports of Hodeida, al-Salif and Ras Issa has been implemented unilaterally.

He reiterated his call for the Other Party to return to the table in order to implement the agreement and control its officers and associates in the Other Party’s team in accordance with the agreement.

The two teams were also briefed on the tasks of Sana’a National Mine Action Center in removing the mines and cluster bombs left behind by the aggression.

Source: Saba