Transport Ministry, CAMA carry out protest stand on ICAD




The Transport Ministry and Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (CAMA)  carried out on Monday a protest stand at Sana’a International Airport on the occasion of the International Civil Aviation Day (ICAD), which falls on December 7th each year.

Participants in the protest denounced the shameful silence of the international community and humanitarian and human rights organizations over the killing of children and women, as well as the genocide committed against the Yemeni people by the States of aggression.

The participants carried banners calling for the lifting of the blockade of Sana’a International Airport and the resumption of civil, commercial, and humanitarian flights.

They affirmed that the aggression misleads public opinion for six years about what is happening in Yemen in terms of murder, brutal crimes, and destruction of civilian infrastructure in Yemen.

The participants called on the UN Security Council to issue a decisive decision to stop targeting Yemeni airports and lift the ban on them, at the forefront of Sana’a International Airport.

According to the ministry of health statistics, more than 80,000 patients have died because of their inability to travel abroad, and more than 450,000 patients in need of treatment, of whom 25-30 patients die every day.

Statistics also show that more than 65,000 patients with cancerous tumors are at risk of confirmed dead and more than 12,000 patients with kidney failure need urgent kidney transplants abroad.

They also confirmed the death of one passenger out of every ten travelers who had to travel by land through Sana’a – Aden, and Sana’a – Sayun due to road accidents and the difficulty of moving between cities.

Source: Saba