Saudi Border Guards Injure a Civilian in Saada



Today, Friday, a citizen was injured by Saudi border guards in the Al-Raqo area in the Munabeh district, near the border, in Saada governorate.

It is worth noting that last Thursday, a citizen was killed after he was targeted by the Saudi border guards in the Al-Raqo area within Munabeh.

Additionally, the Saudi warplanes carried out two airstrikes on the Jalha area in the district of Munabeh, which resulted in the damage of civilians’ properties.

Separated areas in the border district of Razih were subjected to Saudi missile and artillery shelling; thus, damaging the peoples’ farms and properties.

Yesterday, Wednesday, a citizen was wounded by Saudi border guards in the Munabeh district.

On the fifth of December, 9 citizens were injured, one of them critically, as a result of the Saudi bombing in the Al-Raqo area within the district of Munabeh in Saada province.

This comes in the context of the daily attacks and crimes committed by the US-backed Saudi-led aggressive coalition against the Yemeni people for six years ago, in which tens of thousands of civilians have been killed or injured while the world keeps silent.