The Un Bears Responsibility for Any Consequences Resulting From the Aggression or Siege: HR



The Ministry of Human Rights confirmed that the role played by the United Nations and its organizations and bodies concerned with human rights and protection has become dull and cold as they failed to respond to the voices of the children, women, and elderly people in Yemen.

In a statement issued on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day, which falls on December 10 of each year, the Ministry stated that the United Nations, which claims to protect human rights all over the world, stands on the side of violators of human rights in Yemen and the laws, principles, decisions, and treaties that guarantee human protection.

The Ministry questioned how the world and the United Nations can celebrate the International Day of Human Rights, and there are violations and crimes committed by the aggressive Coalition, led by the Saudi kingdom, against the Yemeni people for nearly six years.

“What can the international community and the United Nations say and what can be said on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in its 72nd anniversary, and there are more than 45,000 civilians killed or injured, and a Yemeni child dies every ten minutes from malnutrition, and more than 300,000 are infected with serious diseases, which could have been treated if they were able to travel abroad, and the cease of salaries for state employees after the transfer of the central bank,” the ministry stated.

“Where are the United Nations and the international community? Where is the Human Rights Council? Where is the Security Council? Where is the world that celebrates International Human Rights Day from this injustice and the blatant violation of humanity in Yemen ?!”

The statement indicated that the world knows that the aggressive coalition against Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, was able to change the principles of human rights and remove its name from the blacklist of the United Nations under the influence of the money paid to keep the humanitarian organizations silent from what is happening in Yemen.

The Ministry of Human Rights called on the United Nations and the international community to review their principles, and stop the violations being committed against humanity.

The Ministry held the United Nations, the international community, and the Human Rights and Security Councils fully responsible for the aggression and siege that the Yemeni people have been subjected to and still are.