53 Yemeni fishermen released after almost year of illegal detention



At least Fifty-three fishermen who were being held in Saudi, Emirati and Eritrean prisons have arrived at the fishing port in Hodeidah in the past three days.

The head of the General Authority for Fisheries in the Red Sea, Engineer Hashim Al-Da’ani, explained that the fishermen were being held in the prisons of Eritrea, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia after being arrested from inside Yemeni territorial waters 30 miles from one of Yemeni Island three months ago.

He said those released were from Hajjah and Hodeidah provinces.

Al-Da’ani condemned the saudi-Emirati aggression against fishermen on the Yemeni coast and the attacks and the prevention of fishing.

He stressed that the aggression’s insistence on preventing fishermen from practicing their profession and earning their day’s livelihood is part of the sordid plans carrying out to kneel and subjugate the Yemeni people.

He called on international organizations to assume their legal and moral responsibility to stop the crimes of aggression and violations against the Yemeni people and their arbitrary practices against fishermen on all Yemeni coasts and to deprive them of their sole source of income.