PM meets with Minister of Foreign Affairs



Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor today met with Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf Abdallah .

Meeting dealt with developments and the overall situation in the region, particularly the recent US military moves in the Gulf and those related to the recently announced positions of the US administration regarding Yemen.

Foreign Minister noted that the Arab region and the Gulf are witnessing a remarkable military and political escalation by the US President’s administration, which will leave the White House during the coming period, pointing out that this administration is trying to aggravate the general situation in order to serve the declared and undeclared goals of the Zionist entity and the Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition.

Foreign Minister affirmed that Sana’a always announces to the world its Willingness towards calm and the peace line to serve the goals of the Yemeni people and to support peace and stability in the region as a whole, pointing out that despite all the provocations directed towards it by the American administration, Israel, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, it is still and from the position of force it is more likely to adopt the principle of a solution , the Government affirms to solve any Conflict through negotiations and peaceful means that preserve Yemen and its people its sovereignty, dignity, and territorial integrity.

He also indicated that the Ministry will follow up all the provocative measures and stances towards the leadership in Sanaa through international channels, including the new American administration, to explain the reality of the situation and that it would respect all peoples of the world, extending the hand of friendship and peace, and strengthen bilateral and multilateral relations in a way that enhances Yemen’s interests with the whole world with respecting Interior affairs and achieving common interests.

Prime Minister praised the ministry’s efforts and follow-up, praising its cadre, which is one of the fronts to resist aggression and siege.

He urged that more efforts be made towards informing the international community of what is happening in Yemen and the direction of the political leadership and the National Salvation Government to achieve a just peace for Yemen and its people.