Conjoined Twins Will Not Be Transferred Abroad for Treatment: Who Apologizes



Today, Sunday evening, several confidential sources revealed that the World Health Organization has apologized to the Yemeni Ministry of Health for its inability to reach “positive results” regarding the transfer of the Siamese twins to receive treatment abroad.

The sources pointed out that the World Health Organization did not explain the reasons behind its inability to transport the conjoined children abroad, only saying: “We regret not telling you any good news.”

In its response to the WHO message, the Yemeni Health Ministry expressed its surprise from such a response, especially since WHO had previously expressed its willingness to help with similar cases.

The sources stated that the Yemeni Ministry of Health, after the apology of the World Health Organization, addressed UNICEF, concerned with children, to quickly provide what is necessary to save the two newborns.

The sources emphasized that the UNICEF response included a promise to start searching for air transport of the case with the escorts in the event of obtaining support to allow their transportation outside Yemen.