FM : we warn Against the continuation of Starvation policy.



Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf Abdullah called on the special Envoy to UN General-secretary, Martin Griffiths and a number of the sponsored countries for peace in Yemen to exert more endeavors to release the loaded ships with oil derivatives and allow their entry to Hodiedah port and unload them in order to end the acute oil derivatives crisis.

He noted that the repeated declaration by the two countries of the Saudi-Emirati aggression about their support for humanitarian relief work in Yemen collides with the reality that they continue to practice the starvation’s policy and prevent the entry of ships loaded with oil derivatives, and allow them from time to another to enter a small number of ships loaded with some limited types of goods to the port of Hodeidah deliberately the international community, while the military aggression and the comprehensive siege continue

At the same time, Foreign Minister warned against continuing to pursue the starvation’s policy “Sanaa will never be silent as some belief, and that if the siege of Yemen continues, the ports of Yemen’s enemies will not be safe.”He said.