Supreme Economic: The United Nations Did Not Inform Us Of Its Signing Of The Agreement To Maintain Floating Safer Reservoir


The Supreme Economic Committee in Sanaa on Thursday warned of the risks of delaying the implementation of the urgent maintenance agreement and the comprehensive evaluation of the floating Safer tank,according to YPA.

The committee explained, in a statement, that since the national side signed the agreement on November 11, the United Nations has not provided it with the copy of the agreement signed by it.

“This raises questions about the hidden objectives of the media clamor and the truth of the allegations of concern for the safety and security of the environment in the Red Sea,” the committee added.

In its statement, the Supreme Economic Committee reiterated that “the delay in signing the agreement by the United Nations will cause delay in the implementation according to what was planned.”

The statement indicated that the committee was surprised by the United Nations’ announcement to postpone the arrival of experts until February 15 in next year.

The committee called on the United Nations, after signing the agreement, to fully and transparently disclose the budget allocated to implement the urgent maintenance and comprehensive evaluation of the floating Safer tank.