Aggression war on Yemen killed, injured 13,082 children, women in 2020: Entesaf Organization



 Entesaf Organization for Women and Child Rights has revealed in recent statistics that 13,082 children and women were killed and injured by the Saudi-led aggression coalition war on Yemen during 2020.

The statistics indicated that the number of dead amounted to 6,188, including 2,392 women and 3,796 children, while the number of wounded reached 6,894, of whom 2,798 women and 4,096 children.

Entesaf organization held the aggression coalition countries, led by Saudi Arabia, responsible for the crimes and violations committed against innocent civilians, especially women and children.

The organization renewed its call for the United Nations and the Security Council to bear their responsibilities regarding these crimes, work to stop them, and lift the siege.

It also called for the formation of an independent international committee to investigate all crimes against the Yemeni people and hold accountable all those involved in these crimes.