HR Denounces the Saudi Targeting of a Women’s Wedding in Hodeidah



The Ministry of Human Rights condemned the targeting of a women’s wedding by the mercenaries of the Saudi-led coalition of aggression in Al-Haookk district, Hodeidah governorate.

The Ministry indicated that this crime is one of many that are being committed by the aggressive Saudi-led coalition, backed by the US, against the Yemeni people. The ministry stressed that these crimes are blatant violations that break the rules and provisions of international law.

The statement pointed out that the mercenaries of the aggression targeted a women’s wedding in Al-Mansour area within in Al-Haook district, resulting in casualties, including children.

It held the United Nations envoy to Yemen and his team in Hodeidah concerned with the Stockholm Agreement, responsible for this crime and the previous crimes in the governorate.

The Ministry also held the United Nations, its bodies and organizations, and the envoy of the United Nations to Yemen the full responsibility for their continued disregard for all the crimes and violations committed against the Yemeni people since March 2015.