Massive Protest in Hodeidah Denouncing the Saudi Crimes and Escalation



The city of Hodeidah witnessed, this morning, Wednesday, a mass demonstration to condemn the military escalation of the Saudi-UAE forces and their mercenaries. The protestors also denounced the Saudi crimes against civilians, the latest of which was the targeting of a wedding in the Al-Hook district.

Additionally, the statement of the demonstration condemned the brutal practices of the aggressor and their mercenaries against the Yemeni people, including the siege, bombing civilians and targeting service and vital facilities.

The people of Hodeidah emphasized that the silence of the United Nations about the Saudi prevention of the entry of oil, food, and medicine ships makes them a partner in crime, bearing them all the consequences of this crime.

They stressed that the blood of children and women will not be forgotten, stressing that targeting civilians in their homes with excessive brutality and destroying the capabilities of Yemen will only give its people the determination, steadfastness, stability, and defiance.

The participants also censured the Saudi warplanes and drones attack on the Hodeidah governorate, which is considered to be a grave breach of the Sweden Agreement.

Moreover, protestors sent a warning to the zionists to not intervene in the coast or any region of Yemen, stressing that the silence of the people of Yemen will not be prolonged and that the crimes of the aggressors will not go unpunished.