Yemen’s Petroleum Company says losses amounted to 10 billion dollars in 2020



Today, Wednesday, the Yemeni Petroleum Company held a press conference entitled “2020, the year of criminal piracy and grave violations with a UN cover” which revealed the losses of the national economy that amounted to 10 billion dollars. Various sectors were affected as a result of the Saudi ongoing piracy on oil tankers and under the cover of the United Nations.

The minister of Petroleum and Minerals, Ahmed Daress considered that the detentions of fuel ships incurred large fines, and some of them amounted to more than the value of the oil derivatives the ship carried.

” There is unprecedented maritime piracy, which aims to suffocate the Yemeni people and deepen their suffering, and then they take advantage to blame us for this crisis through their media,” the minister said.

In another issue regarding the Safer decaying tanker, the minister explained that it was agreed with the United Nations on the speedy completion of the maintenance work of the ship “Safer”. However, he added that the UN keeps invoking flimsy excuses, which delays the maintenance work, bearing the UN fully responsible for any consequences that could result from that delay.

Minister Ahmed Daress stated that the stolen quantities of crude oil from Yemen in 2018 were more than 18 thousand tons, worth more than one billion dollars, and in 2019, 29.5 thousand tons were stolen and are transferred to Saudi banks.