YPC organizes protest in front of UN office



The Yemeni  Petroleum Company (YPC) staged a protest in front of the United Nations office in the capital Sana’a to denounce the aggression’s continued detention of oil derivatives ships.

Union committees at the YPC confirmed in a statement the United Nations is an essential partner with the aggression in detaining oil ships that led to the increasing suffering of the Yemeni people.

The statement pointed out the seizure of ships cost Yemen large sums and fines that the Yemeni people bear at the expense of their basic living.

It condemned the continued international silence over the arbitrary practices of the aggression countries in the continued detention of oil vessels, causing Yemen to suffer fines and economic losses in various service and vital sectors.

The union committees’ statement demanded the necessity to neutralize the oil company and its facilities, stations and agent stations from the systematic targeting of the aggression.

The statement reiterated the call for the free peoples of the world to stand by the oppressed Yemeni people and to demand an end to maritime piracy on fuel vessels.

It stressed the continuation of sit-ins and protests in front of the United Nations office until the release of all detained oil vessels and the lifting of the blockade on Yemeni seaports and airports.