President: we declare absolute bias towards oppressed, readiness to discipline every unjust, corrupt



President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat declared on Monday the absolute bias towards the oppressed and the readiness to discipline every unjust and corrupt.

In a Grievance Redressal Authority’s meeting, al-Mashat said the responsibility requires the concerned authorities to do justice to the oppressed from the oppressor, and “whoever practices oppression of others, in our presence ..we are able to lift the injustice.”

From this day forth, the oppressors must live in a state of panic and fear and be subject to the penalty of law, Sharia, and justice, he added.

The President indicated there is no one is above the law of Allah and then above the Yemeni law and everyone should be subject to Sharia and law.

He addressed the committee that the road will not be paved with roses in front of it, and the committee will find severe obstacles and resistance, and the relevant authorities represented by the Supreme Political Council will support it.