Oil company protests in Sana’a



The Yemeni oil company, on Friday, organized a protest in front of the UN office in Sanaa, under the slogan “UN envoy: he hears, sees, but doesn’t speak“.

The statement condemned the continued detention of oil derivatives ships by the countries of the Coalition of Aggression, despite obtaining entry permits from the United Nations.

The company considered that the Aggression coalition continues to detain oil ships in clear violation of the provisions of the International convention on human rights.

The statement stressed that the aggression coalition continues its siege and tightening the noose on citizens and increasing their suffering through its continuation in the acts of maritime piracy and obstructing the arrival of ships of oil, domestic gas, food, medicine and other urgent needs

The statement also considered the United Nations a partner to the Aggression Coalition in the continued detention of oil ships and the impending humanitarian catastrophe due to the suspension of service sectors.