International Organizations Continue Their War Against Yemen in the Name of Humanity



International organizations are continuing their war on Yemen in the name of humanity, including the World Health Organization, which announced the cessation of support for oil derivatives from health facilities, starting next March.

The decision comes in conjunction with the Saudi-led aggression prevention of fuel ships from arrival to the port of Hodeidah. That means there is a systematic plan to create a major humanitarian disaster within the framework of the economic war that the US-Saudi aggression is waging on Yemen.

The World Health Organization’s decision today is a continuation of the steps taken to target the health sector, which began in September 2020 with the announcement of international health organizations to lift support for the health sector, in February 2020 the United Nations announced a 75% reduction in humanitarian aid in Yemen, bowing to the US pressure.

Since the beginning of the US-Saudi aggression on Yemen in March 2015 and until today, international organizations have done little to the extent that they have contributed to deepening human suffering, which requires Sana’a’s government to review its dealings with these organizations. These organizations are part of the war and a tool to blackmail the Yemeni people and try to bring them to their knees.