US resolution new pretext for UN to shirk its duty: al-Adhraei



The executive director of the Yemeni Oil Company, Engineer Ammar al-Adhraei, blamed on Friday the United Nations for the humanitarian situation in Yemen as a result of its silence on the continued detention of oil derivatives ships by the aggression coalition.

In a standing protest organized by the Yemeni Oil Company in front of the United Nations office in the capital Sana’a, al-Adhraei said the United Nations will use the U.S. classification a pretext to invoke its duty and responsibility to release oil derivatives ships.

He said the protest coincides with the fifth anniversary of the Ras Isa oil port massacre committed by the aggression coalition by targeting employees of the Yemeni Oil Company while carrying out their work, adding the massacre of Ras Isa oil port a crime that does not fall under the statute of limitations.

Al-Adhraei called on the United Nations to carry out its humanitarian duty to release oil derivatives vessels and to prevent maritime piracy.

He pointed out that the service sectors began to collapse their operational capacities as a result of the continued detention of fuel vessels.

The lives of 26 million Yemenis are at stake, therefore,  we hold the United Nations fully responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe, war crimes and genocide,” he said

A statement issued by the Trade Union Committees of the Oil Company condemned the international silence over the maritime piracy carried out by the aggression countries against oil derivatives ships despite receiving UN permits.

The statement called on the United Nations to play its role and duty to launch all detained oil derivatives vessels and to ensure that they are not detained in the future.

It stressed the need to neutralize the oil company and its facilities and stations as well as the agents’ stations from the systematic targeting of the aggression.